How to Apply

Step 1:

Take a look at our available homes by visiting the rental search page.

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Schedule viewings to see the properties in person.

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Summary of Qualifications and Application Process


Required Information – Government issued ID, 1 recent LES or 2 most recent pay stubs (2 years tax returns if self-employed), picture of pet (if applicable). Landlord contact information for last 3 years. All adults aged 18+ must apply & pay app fee of $35 per adult (plus tax).

Common Reasons to be Declined –Incomplete application, evictions, collections from landlords, poor credit, insufficient income, high debt to income ratio, unsatisfactory references, non-discharged bankruptcies, unqualified occupants, pets if not allowed, vehicles and/or move in dates too far in future can also be a reason for a declined application. Any felonies of illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance, felonies resulting in bodily harm or intentional damage or destruction of property for example, “arson”. Any sexual related offenses for any time period.

Lease Terms - Standard lease is 1 year, but 6 to 9 month leases may be available upon request; rent price subject to increase for lease terms that are shorter than 1 year. Personal and business guarantors are accepted. HOA maintenance fee paid for by owner. No Smoking. Tenant Liability / Renters Insurance is required.

Security Deposit - 1 month worth of rent.

Application Processing Time - 2 to 3 business days.

Application Instructions

Please fill out the entire rental application. Be sure to submit any needed documentation within two business days. We encourage you to submit the application online for faster processing time.

  • $35 application processing fee for each applicant, non-refundable (plus tax)
  • Email the following documents to
    • Proof of income- 2 recent pay-stubs, or 2 previous tax returns tax returns when self-employed, and any other documented sources of income
    • Picture ID- Current drivers license, passport, or state ID for all applicants
    • Pictures of any pets that will be living in the property

Note: Additional rental applications may be accepted until the owner has made a decision to approve a qualified tenant.

Click here for the Online Application or Download A Copy Of The Rental Application so that it may be filled out by hand. Completed applications can be submitted it by emailing it to

Here is an overview of the application process and our requirements

  1. The prospective tenant(s) must inspect and view the rental property in person before completing an application in order to make sure that it will meet all of their needs. It is important to make note of any requests that you may have and include those requests in the application. We cannot guarantee that the property owner will consider additional requests for non-essential items after the lease has been signed.Feel free contact our Oahu property management team if you will not be able to see the property in person before you apply or to schedule an appointment to view one of our available properties.
  2. There is a separate section in the application for prospective tenants to list any request that they would like the property owner to consider. Please note that the owner can accept an application but decline the requests.
  3. Adults and anyone 18 or older must submit an application. Each applicant will have to qualify after reviewing their background history. This may include without limitation reviewing personal characteristics, overall character, criminal background, credit history, lifestyle, and reputation.
  4. The prospective tenant’s gross income per month must be a minimum of 2.5 times the rent amount with a debt to income ratio of 45% or less in order to qualify for the property. The purpose for this requirement is to help ensure that applicants can comfortably afford the monthly rent for the property.
  5. To verify your income, we will need 2 recent paystubs. Alternatively, we are able to use your 2 previous tax returns in order to determine your monthly income if you are self-employed. We can only use the information reported within these documents. Tips and other sources of additional income which are not documented cannot be counted towards your income. If you receive supplemental income or aid such as social security, child support, secured and structured settlements, or subsidized housing like Section 8, we will need documentation showing that you will continue to receive this additional income through the duration of the lease.
  6. If you have a guarantor, they will need to apply and will be subject to a back ground check. Guarantors will be equally responsible for the rent and adhering to all terms of the lease rental agreement.Note: Not all properties in Hawaii under our management qualify for Section 8. Please contact our Oahu property management team to verify if there any section 8 properties available.
  7. Pets will be taken into consideration on an individual basis and the property owner cannot make a determination to approve the pet until after they have had an opportunity to review the entire application. There are many factors an owner takes into consideration when deciding to lease their property on Oahu to an applicant and they need to consider all these factors before making a decision.Note: If accepted, the owner may require a rent increase and/or an additional deposit due to additional wear and added risk that the property will incur. The prospective tenant(s) is obligate to disclose whether or not their pet(s) has shown or exhibited any previous signs of hostility or aggression.
  8. All necessary information must be received within two business days in order to process an application. If the information is not received within two business days, the application will automatically be declined and any the prospective tenants will forfeit any prepaid application fees.
  9. Once the application is approved by the owner, the prospective tenant(s) will need to sign the rental agreement and pay the required security deposit no later than two business days from the date of approval. The first rent payment can be paid at that time or before the prospective tenant(s) receives the keys to the property.We can hold properties in Honolulu and on the island of Oahu up to two weeks after the application has been approved. The prospective tenant should make a request in the application if additional time may be needed.
  10. Both the first months’ rent and security deposit can be paid by money order, certified funds, or online using a checking or savings account. Cash and credit cards will not be accepted. Online payments must be initiated five business days before the move-in date to allow sufficient time for the funds to clear the bank.
  11. All units managed by HappyDoors Property Management are designated non-smoking. The tenant is responsible for restoring any damage done to the property if they smoke in the unit.
  12. HappyDoors Property Management is proud to provide equal opportunity housing opportunities to its residents. Our Oahu property management team follows all federal, state, and local laws pertaining to fair housing. Qualified tenants will not be refused based on disability, sex, age, race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, gender identity, sexual orientation, as well as familial or marital status.

Lease Terms & Policies

  1. Unless otherwise stated in the listed, the lease term will be for one year.
  2. The security deposit is equivalent to one months’ rent but may increase if the tenant has a pet.
  3. Rent to be paid by the first of each month and considered late on the second; there is no grace period.
  4. In order to help protect the tenant’s insurance, they must obtain a Renters insurance policy. Prior to receiving the keys, the tenant must provide proof of insurance. A landlord insurance policy will not cover the tenant’s belongings or against their personal liability.We encourage you to contact your auto insurance provider in order to obtain renters insurance if you do not already have a policy in place.
  5. All lease agreements include a standard clause that releases military personnel if they are redeployed during the term of the lease.
  6. The Lease Rental Agreement requires a 45 day written notice to vacate to terminate the lease.
  7. For properties built in 1978 or sooner, please review the lead based paint disclosure. 
  8. Tenants are required to pay a one-time non-refundable $99 administrative fee upon signing of the lease.

Anti Discrimination Policy

HappyDoors Property Management is proud to be an equal housing opportunity provider and does not discriminate based upon race, sex, including gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, color, religion, marital status, familial status, ancestry, disability, age, or human immunodeficiency virus infection as prohibited by the Hawaii Revised Statutes and/or applicable federal housing discrimination laws. It's our policy to prohibit retaliation against those who express concerns of possible discrimination.

Acts of discrimination and/or retaliation are unlawful and violate state and federal civil rights laws. If you feel that your rights have been violated or an act of discrimination occurred, please call our office at (808) 800-4152 and ask to speak to either Victoria Angeles, Customer Service Supervisor, or Paul Sebastian, Office Manager.