Moving Checklist

Move-out Checklist

Aloha! We are sorry to hear that you plan on moving out and hope that you had a wonderful experience renting a property from us. Here is a step by step process to help prepare for your move:

Step 1:    Provide us with a formal notice to vacate
Step 2:   Preparing your belongings by organizing them and packing them neatly
Step 3:   Contact a HappyDoors property management team member to schedule a final walk-through
Step 4:   Setup mail forwarding with the post office: we recommend starting 2 business days before you move
Step 5:   Repair any damage that may have been caused to the property
Step 6:   Hire a landscaper to perform any needed yard work
Step 7:   Arrange for the carpets to be professionally cleaned, you will need to provide us with a receipt
Step 8:   Make arrangements for a professional maid service to clean the property
Step 9:   Contact the utility companies to stop/transfer services the day after you move-out

To help make your transition easier, HappyDoors Property Management has prepared a list of items that need to be taken care of before leaving; please note that all items should be taken care of before the final walkthrough. Should you need to hire someone for assistance, please contact our Honolulu office and we would be happy to refer you to one of our preferred vendors.

Rent: Your last month’s rent is still due on the 1st, we cannot use the security deposit towards last month’s rent. If you have signed up for an automatic draft from your checking account, this will be disabled when your notice to vacate is received after which you must pay rent either online through our website, mailing the payment to our office, or dropping it off in person.

Utilities: In order to evaluate the rental property during the final walk-through, the utilities must remain on in your name until the day after walk-through.

Keys: All the keys, remotes, transponders, parking passes, etc. must be turned in during or before the final walk-through. You will be responsible for the cost to rekey and replace any of these items at your expense.

Repairs: Any items that may have been damaged or are your responsibility to repair should be completed before the final walk-through.

Some common repair items include:

  • Change out any cracked or damaged face plates and outlet covers
  • Securing any loose towels bars or toilet paper holders
  • Replacing any burnt out light bulbs or bad batteries
  • Cleaning or replacing all air filters
  • Patching large holes in drywall
  • Replace leaking toilet flappers

Yard Maintenance: The yard must be left in clean condition.

Please be sure to:

  • Trim and prune any plants and grass at the property
  • Replace any damaged sprinkler and drip heads
  • Remove any trash or debris in the yard
  • Replace and dead or missing plants
  • Clean out any debris in gutters
  • Pull any weed

Carpet Cleaning: The carpet cleaning must be performed by a licensed and certified carpet cleaner. We strongly recommend having this done after all of your belongings have been removed, but on the day before the final walk-through to give the carpet enough time to dry. If the carpet is not cleaned properly, or it is damaged, you will be responsible for the cost to have the carpet re-cleaned or repaired/replaced. Please be sure to select the carpet cleaning company carefully. We recommend using a company that is IICRC certified to ensure that highest level of quality and professionalism:

Please be sure to:

  • If there was a pet at the property, please have the carpet treated to completely remove all pet odor and damage
  • Stretch the carpet if it has loose areas or has “rolls”
  • Repair any loose or damaged seams
  • Remove any carpet stains

General Cleaning: The property must be left in clean condition and ready for the next tenant to move-in. Please use appropriate cleaning products as using cleaners incorrectly can cause damage.

Here is a general list of items that should be cleaned, but please note that this list does not include everything:

  • Sweep out driveway, car ports, garages, lanais, balconies, and porches removing any chemical or grease stains
  • Plate covers and face plates around light switches, outlets, etc. should be free of smudges, dust, and finger prints
  • Sanitize/clean toilets, faucets, tubs, showers, sinks, and other water fixtures removing films or mineral deposits
  • Clean inside cabinets and drawers; removing any hairs, crumbs, etc. as well as loose shelving paper or liners
  • Walls, doors, baseboards, and trim/woodwork  should be free of smudges, dust, and finger prints
  • Windows, blinds, tracks, sills, and screens should be free of dust, finger prints, and smudges
  • Light fixtures and ceiling fans should be free of smudges, dust, dirt, and debris
  • Professionally clean drapes and any other fabrics that came with the property
  • Wipe down and clean/polish floors and countertops
  • Clean all appliances, inside and out, including underneath
    • Refrigerator: Clean all inside shelves, vacuum coils, defrost the freezer if needed, wipe down the exterior, replace water filter, remove all ice and turn off the ice maker
    • Oven/Range/Cooktop: Clean drip pans, under drip panes, inside oven/range compartments, wipe down the exterior, and remove any food/grease buildup
    • Microwave/Vent hood: Wipe down the exterior and clean filters, inside walls, shelves, plates, removing any food/grease buildup
    • Washer/Dryer: Remove any lint, dust, dirt, debris, cleaning up any detergent, films, mineral buildup, fingerprints, and smudges
    • Dishwasher: Clean any accessible filters and remove any film or mineral build up