The Move-In and Move-Out Process: Honolulu Landlord Advice

Honolulu owners need to have a consistent and well-documented system in place for move-in and move-out inspections. This is critical when deciding how much of the security deposit will go back to the tenant, and it also allows you to preserve the condition of your property and ensure it’s maintained.

At HappyDoors Property Management, we help Honolulu investors with a move-in and move-out process that is effective and works well for both tenants and owners.

Moving a Tenant into your Honolulu Rental Property

Before a tenant receives the keys and moves into the rental property, you should conduct a walk-through inspection. You’ll want to show up with a detailed checklist, and you’ll want to take pictures. Walk through the property with the tenant, and make sure you cover the entire home – inside and out. When Honolulu landlords aren’t present, tenants can be unsure about what to look for and whether something is worth documenting. Things might get missed.

Turn on every light and faucet, check the smoke detectors, and run the appliances. Take pictures of any existing damage and make a note to repair it right away. Show the tenant how things work. This is a great opportunity for an orientation to the home. Discuss how to turn on the appliances, replace hardware, take care of toilet seats, and manage the water coming into and going out of the property. Tenants will need to know where to find irrigation timers for sprinklers, and they should also be able to access the water shut-off valve in case of emergencies.

Honolulu Tenants and your Lease Requirements

During the walk-through and move-in inspection, remind your tenants of all the policies and responsibilities that are outlined in your lease agreement. Reinforce your no-smoking rule, talk about the process to follow when a repair is needed, and put together a handbook or list of FAQs that include your policies and procedures. Tenants will appreciate the information and understand your expectations going into the tenancy.

Move-Out Procedures for Honolulu Rental Property

After a tenant vacates, you’ll want to document the condition of the property and compare it to the move-in documentation. This will help you to determine what damage the tenant will be responsible for. If your lease requires that the tenants have the property professionally cleaned before moving out, ask for receipts from the cleaning company, the landscaping service, and anything else that was done, such as a carpet cleaning.

As you inspect the home, make a list of the repairs you’ll need to make. This might include new floors, new counter tops, and other improvements that will help you ask for more rent when you put the property back on the market. You’ll want to turn the property over as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about Honolulu property management or you need help with move-ins and move-outs, we’d be happy to assist. Contact us at HappyDoors Property Management.