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Thorough and Modern Tenant Screening Techniques in Honolulu

Placing the wrong tenant in your rental property will not only cause you stress, it could also cost you money. A good tenant will pay rent on time, help you maintain the home, stay in place for the long term, and follow the terms of your lease. A bad tenant, however, will be slow to…

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Maintenance Coordination Tips – Small to Large Projects in Honolulu

Every property requires routine maintenance, and if you’re working with a professional Honolulu property management company, you can count on all of your repair needs being coordinated and handled by licensed and insured vendors and contractors. If you’re managing your own property, you’ll need a plan and a budget in place to keep your investment…

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Why You Should Rent vs. Sell Your Honolulu Property

Homeowners decide to sell their properties for a number of different reasons. They might be downsizing during retirement or looking for a larger property to accommodate a growing family. Many Honolulu homeowners move out of the city for work or family reasons, or to fulfill their military orders. When your circumstances change, it’s easy to…

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Landlord vs. Tenant Responsibilities in Honolulu: Who Pays for What?

Landlord vs. Tenant Responsibilities Who Pays for What

Landlords and tenants have different sets of responsibilities when it comes to maintaining a Honolulu rental property. It’s important to sort these things out before your tenant moves in, and they should all be outlined in the lease agreement. A conflict-free landlord/tenant relationship requires that everyone is on the same page and comfortable communicating with one another.

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